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QUARKS is a company with high ambitions. We have concrete goals to achieve and visions to fulfill, which is why we prioritize our employees. Visions and ambitions are merely empty words without value if our employees don't feel they have enough freedom, appreciation, or development opportunities. Since our employees are at the core of our business, we take them seriously by asking: "What does it take to motivate you in your job?" The answers we have received can be divided into three areas: work-life balance, work environment, and sustainability.

We believe that the difference between asking employees and telling them what to do is the key to success in the future. Read what we at QUARKS stand for and see if you agree.


The Important Balance

Work is a significant part of life, and it's important to find the right balance. Some people get most things done in the morning, while others pick up the pace after lunch. Some are single, attending parties on weekends and climbing walls in the afternoons, while others have three lunchboxes to prepare before 8 AM. Regardless of whether you're an A, B, or C person, nobody wants you to work intensely for a short period, only to end up burned out, missing football games, or parent-teacher meetings.

At QUARKS, we appreciate taking care of yourself, your health, and the people around you - including your colleagues. Satisfied employees are our best ambition because when you, as an employee, are content with life, you give more of yourself both at the office and at home. People simply perform better when well-being is the driving force.

Can we contribute to your quality of life?

Yes, and that's what a good employer should do. At QUARKS, we have established some unwritten rules that are important to us:

We take time off from work on weekends and evenings. No one here expects you to respond to "important emails" when Friday tacos are ready.

Vacations are for friends and family. We have no ambitions to join you on a boat trip or to Italy, no matter how long you plan to be away. Unless we invite you on a company trip, that is.

We celebrate the little things. We celebrate when you complete a task, when you receive a new project, when we achieve a goal we set together, and when it's your birthday. We believe every occasion should be celebrated.

We believe you are your own best boss. At QUARKS, you can test a four-day workweek or a six-hour workday. For us, the equation is simple: With responsibility comes the freedom to manage your own workday, which makes everyone happier.


Paint'n Sip and offers of free wine tasting are not work culture.

However, they certainly contribute to the atmosphere! A good work culture is something we build together over time. It's important that we trust each other and that everyone feels seen. Caring is part of the good work culture at QUARKS. It means that we also support each other on tough days.

  • We dare to prioritize mental health.

  • Everyone will be seen and heard. You're not just a cog in a larger machine; you have influence and actively participate in shaping the company.

  • You're not alone - you have a mentor who supports and assists you, and we all take responsibility during difficult periods.

  • You'll be part of a specialist community with professional and moral integrity.

  • Responsibility and the freedom to manage your own day.

  • Last but not least: You become part of a social community worth boasting about.

The Meaning of Work

Everyone wants to make a difference, and at QUARKS, we want you to solve problems that truly matter. This means, for example, devising new working methods for our clients, even if they go against the company's habits and culture. It can also mean finding innovative solutions that break down the barriers between departments. These are tasks that allow you to grow and build expertise that we can all be proud of.

At QUARKS, we focus on business development and innovation. IT initially had its origins in cost efficiency, but now innovation drives us. However, effective problem-solving means addressing both aspects, whether it's for a stock exchange or a cathedral client. With us, you'll work on real challenges, be involved in the entire process, and your input will be heard when you have objections.


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