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Specialists for digitization projects

QUARKS is a Norwegian company with specialists in agile advisory, technology, development, data, analysis and insights, management consulting, and strategy. We work with companies that have high expectations and ambitious goals. By bringing together expertise from multiple disciplines, we deliver smart, innovative, and sustainable solutions. We work in interdisciplinary teams where, in collaboration with our clients, we challenge established truths and create value.


Our expertise

We contribute to shaping the organizations of the future

We specialize in empowering organizations to become more agile, efficient, and innovative throughout their digitalization journey. From initial analysis and planning to strategic consulting, we guide companies every step of the way. During implementation, we focus on leadership, service, and product development, providing comprehensive training to fully realize benefits. Innovation and sustainability are fundamental to our approach—we're dedicated to making a meaningful impact.

Our commitment is to ensure our clients have full confidence in our ability to deliver top consultants in the market, recognizing QUARKS as a strategic partner.

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We value moral and professional integrity both internally and in collaboration with our customers.

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Our expertise and delivery models are open to all customers and employees.

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Our customers can rely on us to deliver on our promises. We are professional and motivated to build mutual trust.

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Value creation

Our consultants have extensive experience in making informed decisions, providing expertise, and creating value in collaboration with customers.

A collaborative partner

Our relationships are built on trust through cooperation. We become part of the team. Part of the collaboration is based on shared ownership and responsibility for the companies, services and products we work with.

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Subject expertise

We're really excited about learning and teaching!

We have subject groups and breakfast seminars. These are places where we can dive into what interests us and share our knowledge. And best of all, our enthusiasm doesn't just bloom within our own offices; it spreads to our clients and the entire industry. Subject expertise is simply the heart of our community.

Every year, we organize an Innovation Hub for employees abroad, a multi-day conference curated by our own talented team members.

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Agile business

Successful projects

We recruit top consultants in the market and provide them with continuous professional development, knowledge sharing, and a supportive work environment to foster engagement. This enables us to deliver cutting-edge digital solutions to our clients, leveraging updated knowledge, best practices, and the latest technology. Our agile delivery model allows us to offer specialized initiatives, ensuring success in our projects.

Feel free to reach out if you'd like to discuss how QUARKS can support you and your organization with challenges related to agile frameworks, digitalization, service and product development, data-driven insights, leadership, and business development

I Oslo og Singapore

We are located in Oslo at Klingenberggaten 7B, near the National Theater, and in the heart of Singapore.

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Sustainability is like making sure we don't use up all our candy at once so it lasts a long time and we can share with all our friends 🌱🍬

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