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In Asia, Singapore shines as a hub for Norwegian ambitions. Not only have the well-known giants like Telenor, DNB, DNV, Kongsberg, and Wilhelmsen left their mark here, using Singapore as a springboard for expansion throughout the region, but also smaller Norwegian-owned companies, venture capital funds, and investors find their place in this fortress of innovation, technology, and collaboration-friendly culture. Close to 250 Norwegian companies are established in Singapore, representing one of the highest concentrations of Norwegian business interests in any country outside Norway.

Innovasjon og bærekraft Singapore

Singapore beckons with a vibrant blend of innovation and opportunities, and it's no surprise that Norwegian entrepreneurship feels right at home here. The nation's focus on technological progress and close connections between academia, businesses, and entrepreneurs has drawn a continuous stream of Norwegian players eager to be part of this journey.

QUARKS the first Norwegian-owned management consulting firm in Singapore

Backed by the extensive presence of Norwegian industry and in response to the rising demand for digital transformation, data-driven insights, agile consultancy, and strategic leadership advice, QUARKS emerges as an innovative force in this ever-evolving landscape. In a time where change processes, AI, and optimizing business operations take precedence, QUARKS' core competencies are tailor-made to deliver positive impact.

QUARKS' strategic move towards Singapore and the broader Asian market signals an exciting development, where Norwegian expertise confronts the challenges of the future. With the right leader and the appropriate expertise on board, this story of growth, innovation, and success will unfold over the coming months and years.

Former Director of DN Media Group will drive the initiative.

Leading the charge for QUARKS ASIA is Leonard Opitz Stornes, who has successfully led NHST Media Group Asia and DN Media Group in Asia from establishment to growth in the Asian market. Leonard boasts extensive operational experience in the media industry and has also worked in sectors such as shipping, maritime, oil and gas, renewable energy, and seafood. With board positions in NBAS - Norwegian Business Association Singapore and European Chamber of Commerce Singapore (EuroCham Singapore), Leonard is poised to drive QUARKS ASIA's success.

"In Singapore, technology, artificial intelligence, and sustainability dominate the conversations. QUARKS' delivery model, combined with our wealth of experience from Norwegian companies in data utilization, agile technology, and business development, positions us uniquely in the Asian market." - Leonard Opitz Stornes

With his profound insights and extensive experience in the Asian market, Leonard is the right person to lead this venture, offering QUARKS a unique opportunity to navigate the complex path to success in a new region.

Leonard Opitz Stornes

Leonard Opitz Stornes

  • Harvard Business School - Advanced Management Program

  • Henley Business School - Masters of Business Administration

  • Norwegian Business Association Singapore - President

  • Harvard Business School Club of Singapore - Board Member

  • EuroCham Singapore - Board Member and Governing Council

  • Antler - Asia Advisor

  • Investigate VC - Board Member

  • DN Media Group - Managing Director Asia

Opening event in collaboration with the Norwegian Embassy in Singapore.

Opening with the collaboration of the Norwegian Embassy and Innovation Norway, the partnership between Norway and Singapore has evolved into an inspiring guide, driven by both top management's strategic visions and the supportive hand of the authorities. Together, bridges are built that lead to new opportunities and future success stories.

Teknologi Singapore

QUARKS ASIA will host an opening ceremony on September 27th in collaboration with the Norwegian Embassy in Singapore. QUARKS will also participate in the Singapore Norway Innovation Conference during the same week, focusing precisely on the opportunities for Norwegian-owned companies and industries in Singapore:


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